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Fancee Software was founded in 2014 as a ticketing provider. We have developed a lot since then. We are now a worldwide supplier of innovative technological solutions. To be exact, we help anyone that works in the leisure industry, be they artists, theaters, festivals or museums, with ticketing, engagement and entry.

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Our team

The complete Fancee Software team is driven by the realisation that data is the new gold. We develop our own software,translate the wishes of our customers and know the entertainment market like no other.

Our greatest strength is increasing ticket sales, increasing visitor and fan loyalty, and optimising visitor flows. We do this by continuously developing high-quality software solutions. Our complete online marketing & sales platform brings you and your customers/guests/visitors/fans closer together. Visitors become fans. And fans become ambassadors that ultimately spend more.

We also have offices in Europe, Asia, Middle East and North Africa and the Caribbean. So we help businesses around the world with our knowledge of local markets. Our team consists of various experts in technology, marketing, sales and event management.

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