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Fancee Software for fairs and events

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How can our technology help your fair or event?

Keep your visitors updated with unique content
Connect your partners in the app and let them share unique deals
Your visitors will never miss anything with the Fancee app
Fairs and events
Integrate swipe games and scan & win promotions to let users earn loyalty points
Import your playlist and display it in the app. Share clips and podcasts from YouTube
Collect your visitors’ data using the smart check-in module and reward the users with points and gifts
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Manage your Fancee Software

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Optimise your marketing strategy with a personalised offer for every visitor. Let the data work for you!
Data means knowledge: get to know your visitors even better
Combine your online and offline sales in one system
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Fairs and events

Interactive experience

Most event and fair organisers are usually only in contact with their visitors around the event. In other words, just a short period of the year, from a few months before the event to a couple of weeks after it. Yet, the customer journey can be greatly extended. Fancee Software’s unique engagement software makes this easily possible and ensures that the expectations of your visitors are exceeded.


This is not only good for them, but also for you. Anyone optimising their customer experience like this, will definitely positively amaze its visitors. This will increase the chance that they come back next time and/or spend more.


The Event app, for example, allows you to communicate with your visitors efficiently all year round. You can learn from the data generated so that you can continuously improve your service around the event or fair. The engagement software is therefore much more than just a ticket solution. You can make your annual event all year round!

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