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Fancee Software for festivals and parties

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How can our technology help your festival or party?

Keep your visitors interested with unique content
Connect your partners in the app and let them share unique deals
Your visitors will never miss anything with the Fancee app!
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Integrate swipe games and scan & win promotions to let users earn loyalty points
Import your playlist and display in app. Share clips and podcasts from YouTube
Collect your visitors’ data using the smart check-in module and reward the users with points and gifts
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Manage your Fancee Software

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Optimise your marketing strategy with a personalised offer for every visitor. Let the data work for you!
Data means knowledge: get to know your visitors even better
Combine your online and offline sales in one system
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Festivals and Parties

Interactive engagement software

Whether you organise an unforgettable, sensational and successful festival or party once or a few times a year. It goes without saying you give visitors the time of their lives. They are still talking about the event weeks later. How can you build on the loyalty of those visitors throughout the year? One way is to use a customised app that allows you to communicate with them in an accessible and personal way. With your help, Fancee Software develops an interactive platform for you so that you can give your fans an unforgettable experience all year round.


The added value of its technology will turn your visitors into loyal fans. The advantages are that your fanbase will grow quickly, your festival or party will be sold out more quickly, and you can offer your visitors much more than just a ticket.

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