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Fancee Software for museums and experiences

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How can our technology help your museum?

Keep your visitors updated with unique content
Connect your partners in the app and let them share unique deals
Your fans will never miss anything with the Fancee app!
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Integrate swipe games and scan & win promotions to let users earn loyalty points
Import your playlist and display it in the app. Share clips and podcasts from YouTube with your fans
Collect your visitors’ data using the smart check-in module and reward the users with points and gifts
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Manage your Fancee Software

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Optimise your marketing strategy with a personalised offer for every visitor. Let the data work for you!
Data means knowledge: get to you know your visitors even better
Combine your online and offline sales in one system
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Strenghten the connection with your visitors with a customised app

Museums are perfect places for a day out. Visitors can forget their daily grind while enjoying culture and creativity. These days, visitors have a growing need for information and a greater urge to share experiences. Before, during and after their visit. How wonderful it is to be able to share this with others! Our special Experience app meets these needs.


The result is that your visitors will enjoy their unique experience in your museum even more. They can share their enthusiasm with family and friends through social media, for example. Your visitors have now become your ambassadors and, by using the Experience app, will bring new visitors to your museum.

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