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Fancee Solutions for Entry

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Open your doors with Fancee Software Entry solutions

Helps run visitor admittance smoothly and productively. At any event, in any part of your venue. It helps regulate and analyse the visitor flow using the inbuilt analysis tools.

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Point of sale

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Real time info

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Fancee Software developed an advanced multi-scanner module specially for the event industry. Any type of barcode – even those of other ticket sellers – can be scanned directly in the system. So as an event organiser, you can work with several ticket sellers and thereby increase your market. The module eliminates the hassle of using different scanners at the door. You can even do door sales on the app. In short, any kind of ticket can be scanned and sold, even those of sellers such as Ticketmaster and Paylogic. And you can do all this on your mobile device!

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Points Of Sale

Point of sale

We at Fancee Software understand how important speed, mobility and reliability are in event accreditation. Our entry tool, developed in-house, can be used to sell tickets before or during the event.
The advanced applications lets you sell and scan tickets, and see the current sales statistics. This scan and sell application is connected to your own online dashboard so that the information is always up-to-date.
Another facility is that it allows you to start pre-sales at a location of your choice in your area, for example through Bruna or Primera shops.

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Realtime Accreditatie

Real time insight into accreditation

Receive accurate information for your accreditation policy so that you can take the best strategic decisions at the point when the flow of visitors to your event is at its most important. Real time statistics show an accurate picture of the day’s sales.

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